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How to make safe & secure Online Payments?

Secure your money while paying through apps and payment gateways

A hands-on, practical guide being offered online (via Google Meet, Zoom) to help you make payments via apps / payment gateways (for eg. Bhim App, Phone Pe, Paytm, Amazon Pay etc.) without becoming a victim of frauds

How to make your Online Shopping safe & secure?

Make online shopping a safe experience for your money and identity

Shopping through various e-commerce websites (eg. Amazon, Flipkart, E-Bay etc.), social media platforms (eg. Facebook, WhatsApp), and individual brand websites, has become a common thing. However, not many know the risks they are getting exposed to while shopping online - be it for their money, or their identities. This workshop (offered via Google Meet / Zoom) helps make online shopping a much safer experience for you.


Helping women make their solo-travels safer and risk-free

This session (delivered through Google Meet / Zoom) is aimed at enabling women who travel alone for business and/or leisure, to make their travel safe, risk-free, and a happy experience.

What to include and not include on your online professional Resume / Portfolio

This session (delivered via Google Meet / Zoom) aims to help professionals - especially younger ones - to understand what they should and should not include in their CVs, Portfolios, and Profiles while searching for work online (eg. on platforms like LinkedIn, Monster, Upwork etc.)


An important workshop for parents to secure their child from Bullies and Bullying

Bullying is a natural human tendency to show strength. But, the outcomes of bullying on the victim i.e. children, can range horrifically from depression to suicidal tendencies. This workshop aims to help parents and children to tackle the problem of Bullying in various forms such as Physical Bullying, Harassment, Name Calling, Shaming etc.

Services We Offer: Services

One-on-one, Customised Solutions

We offer customised Security Consultations and Security Design Plans to suit your specific Risks


Security-related Consultation

For Individuals and Corporates

Every person and organization faces Risks and Vulnerabilities that are different from others. 

Your risks and vulnerabilities are unique for you.

Hence, the approach to resolving security-related problems / concerns cannot be 'one size fits all'.

Thus, we at 'Fortify Security Consulting' offer CUSTOMISED SECURITY CONSULTATION to help you navigate through your concerns and offer solutions that best suit your purpose.


Customised Security Plan Design

For all kinds of Commercial Establishments 

(Offices, Warehouses, Farms etc.)

Commercials Establishments face highest threats and risks. 

Higher the risk, higher is the quantum of loss suffered.

Hence, 'prevention becomes better than cure' when it comes to securing these high-value assets.

'Fortify Security Consulting' offers CUSTOMISED SECURITY PLAN DESIGN SERVICES to help commercial establishments identify their risks beforehand, and provide them perfect solutions in terms of procedures, guidelines, and equipment (like CCTV, sensors, alarms, biometric tech, bollards, etc.) to make the right choice to secure themselves.

Services We Offer: Services
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